LemonMelon is pleased to invite you to the book launch with improvised sounds
of Lemonade xeverything was so infinite.
by David Berridge, Julia Calver, Emma Cocker, Marit Münzberg, Tamarin Norwood, Mary Paterson, Rachel Lois Clapham
Hundred Years Gallery, 13 Pearson Street, London E2 8JD
Sunday 15th February 2015, 3.30–6.30pm

For the launch, using a variety of apparatuses and improvisational techniques, Douglas Benford, Steve Beresford, Regina Blanca and Manuela Barczewski will play a selection of pages of ‘Lemonade xeverything was so infinite.’.

Click here for the various performances: Steve Beresford and Douglas Benford, Manuela Barczewski and Douglas Benford, Blanca Regina and Manuela Barczewski, Blanca Regina and Steve Beresford and everyone together.
Click here for a lemonade soundtrack by Douglas Benford.

all images © Hundred Years Gallery